Graphic Design Rules

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Graphic Design Rules

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Before you request, check out the Gallery. It has many full sets of images for you to use, all for free.

Rules for Requesting Graphics

This is the full guide to request and general procedures on the graphics section of Grafixx Forum. But first, a word of explanation.

The Graphics Forum is divided into three categories.

Graphics Requests - The only place to request banners, avatars, signatures, buttons, and anything else for your forums.
Self-service Proposal - If you have some self made graphics that you don't need you can post them here for others to use.
Self-service Gallery - The graphics that are posted in the above forum are moderated and if they qualify for excellence they get moved here.

With that out of the way you now know where to post what.

Requesting Graphics for Your Forum

1.) Remember to start with an explicit title, it should contain the general nature of your request. For example: "Requesting a Banner for My Forum".

Note: Requests with invalid or non-explicit titles will be locked or deleted. Also, the Graphic Designers aren't obligated to do all requests, so please don't try to harass them and make them do your request.

2.) You must use the Graphics Commander available below to request any graphics. Just fill in the information.


The Graphics Commander will give you something like what's shown below.

Nature of the Creation: Affiliate
Size (In Pixels): 88x31
With or Without Animation: Without
Main Colors: Blue, Green
Pictures & Links:
Text to Insert :Grafixx Designs
Font (Provide Download Link): Verdana
Font Color: White
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Extra Comments: Make it nice. Smile

Note: This is the only time you can use color or bold in your posts.

Note: You must provide the link to your forum. if you don't your request will be refused and locked.

Note: It is advised that you add the exact pixel sizes (width and height) or at least an estimate to the final products size. Most designers use pixels as a measurement for creating graphics.

3.) In general all members can try to complete a graphics request, but it is the Graphics Designer's job to do these requests, although this doesn't mean they are obligated to do every request! The Graphics Designers consist of qualified graphics artists that are here to help you with your requests. The Graphics Designers are also moderators in any section dealing with Graphics. All Graphic Designers are to be treated with the same respect as any other staff member on this forum! The Graphics Designers are also humans and could be unable to complete a request, or could take longer to complete some requests. Give them some time and space to complete everything.

4.) Bumping requests is tolerated, but under strict rules.

Bumps must be separated by at least 24 hour time spans; impulsive bumping will result in warnings.
There are many requests to be finished so you are only allowed to have one request open at a time. Everyone deserves a fair chance to have their request completed, so please don't flood the Requests forum.
If your request is tagged by a Graphic Designer, you aren't allowed to bump it.

5.) When a Graphic Designer is working on a request he will tag it by posting in the thread and adding an "In Progress" icon to the topic. You are not allowed to bump your request when it has been tagged by a Graphic Designer.

6.) Once your request is finished the Graphic Designer will post the product in the thread and await your approval. If the finish product is to your liking, please change the thread icon to "solved" so a Graphic Designer can lock it.

7.) You aren't allowed to request via PM. This is very annoying to members and staff, please just create a thread.

Note: If you are requesting a button from a set in the Gallery you can PM the original creator to ask if he'll make you one.

8.) Reasons why your request won't be completed.

Your request is unclear or impossible to complete.
Your site is illegal, blocked by Online Guardian, or if you request graphics for a non-Forumotion forum.
You have been banned from the Support Forum.
You are requesting a Navigation Bar.
You used copyrighted images or content in your request. Go here for information on copyrights.

9.) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when commenting finished art by the staff or members please do not flame or criticize. You are allowed to post constructive comments but not offensive.

10.) Navigation Bar requests are no longer accepted. We believe navbar images aren't forum specific. If you are looking for a Navigation Bar please look in the gallery.

11.) If your request has passed 5 days without any reply, we will move your request to "Finished Requests".
Note: If your request wasn't complete then you can open a new topic.

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