What are the proposals for?

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What are the proposals for?

Post  Ghost Bot on Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:37 am


Just incase some of you don't know what the forum proposals are for...
The forum proposals are images for the structure of a forum... for example a navigation bar, or icons, or buttons for topics.

All proposals are to be complete and to be your own work! You must post an entire navigation bar, or an entire set of rank images... Proposals with 1 image or without a complete set won't be added to the gallery. This isn't a forum to show off your stuff. the images get added to the gallery for all to use. If you don't want your images to go to the gallery or if you want to show off go to the submit your work thread

Proposals accepted :

♣ full navigation buttons'
♣ full set of topic/PM/message buttons
♣ a set of ranks
♣ a banner without tags or addresses
♣ Avatars & Signatures (with creation file (ie; .Psd file))
♣ any other structural images: for ie: backgrounds

Proposals containing :

♣ Banners with addresses or tags
♣ Avatars & Signatures (without creation file (ie; .Psd file))

any other image not giving any structural value to a forum will be garbaged

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